About Time

It finally hit me that, rather than flood my Facebook and Instagram with photos of this project and that project, I should make my own DIY blog. My Fiance and I just bought a house this year and with that comes more expenses… and less spending money. I have always been creative and found ways to save money here and there but decorating a house can be SO expensive. I always think so myself… Why would I spend that much on something when I could just make it? Yes, some projects do require a certain amount of time and elbow grease but in the end you can look at whatever it is that you’ve created and say I made that. That is actually probably half the reason I like to DIY because I know I made it. I can’t take all the credit though because I do get my inspiration from sites like Pinterest. I am hoping this blog will be a guide to some of you on the projects that I am doing or have done and maybe they will inspire you to make something yourself.

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