European Honeymoon 2015

As I stated before, I have a serious case of wanderlust. I feel that I am at the age were I am young enough to take risks and travel to different places but also old enough to make smart decisions while on these adventures.

The Back Story

When I first got engaged, one of the first things that  came to my mind was where should we go on our honeymoon? I know every girls dream is her wedding and my day was amazing and wonderful but I have to say I may have been more excited to travel to Europe. This is all coming from the girl who had NEVER been outside the United States, visited Niagara Falls for the first time at age 24 (I only live 1.5 hours away from it) and only been on a plane maybe 4 times in her life. The idea of going to Europe seemed only like a dream. I’ve read countless blogs and stories of others travels and obsessed over all the beautiful places that maybe someday I would see. The universe works in mysterious ways because planning this trip all fell into place like it was meant to happen. My husbands mother had the opportunity to house AFS students while he was in high school and two of them were able to attend our wedding! A week or so after the wedding was when everything started happening and it all began with a dinner at my mother in laws house. Katie was from Germany and had lived with Bryan during his sophomore year. I was talking with her about how I wasn’t sure what our plan was or where we were even going to start. I just knew I had two weeks to fit in as much as possible. She graciously invited us to stay with her for the first portion of our trip and even made plans to pick us up from the airport and take us to her home in Berlin Germany. A huge relief was lifted off my shoulders and I knew I could then start planning where we would go next. Francois, who was from Belgium also invited us to stay with him for a part of the trip. Let me tell you, having places to stay and not pay for a hotel saved us SO much money. We were to old to stay at a majority of the hostels and hotels ran anywhere from 120 euro to 300 euro a night depending on the area. After much thought I figured out our itinerary.

Getting There, Getting Around

Again, the universe helped once again in the planning off this trip. Bryans Dad does a lot of traveling and has accumulated airline miles. He generously used some of them to pay for our tickets, saving us around $2,500 to use as spending money. The total flying time was around 14 hours. We left Erie and headed to Detriot for a 3 hour lay over. Once boarded we were off and Delta Airlines did a very nice job of passing out food, drinks, warm towels, and free ear phones. This was all in economy. We even had our own TV screen to pick movies from so that was a time passer. We landed in Amsterdamn the next day (6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard) and hopped on a plane headed for Berlin!

All our transportation in Europe was done by train from country to county. The rail system is amazing and once we figured out how to read the train maps we were just like the locals. We purchased a EURAIL PASS online and also made our seat reservations. We had to pick first class because we were over the age of 25 but was totally happy with that once we got on the train. I do recommend calling the EURAIL customer service when booking because the women that helped me gave me a few pointers and helped with scheduling.


Arrive in Berlin Germany: Stay 3 days (Katie’s House)

Head to Freiburg Germany: Stay 2 days (Katies Parents House)

On to Lauterbrunnen Switzerland: Stay 3 days

Next Paris France: Stay 2 days

Head to Leige Belgium: Stay 2 day (Francois House)

Back to Berlin for 1 day and then home!

Below are some of my favorite photos from the trip…..

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